Seeker Compass Mod (1.sixteen.5) – Entity Monitoring Compass

Seeker Compass Mod (1.16.5) provides a new style of compass to the sport. The compass is an merchandise that positions your dwelling posture, which usually means that you will cut down the chance of obtaining misplaced anytime you go on an experience or depart the place you are living. But it is a regular compass,

No Sneaking More than Magma! Mod (one.19.two, one.18.2) – Problems On Magma Blocks

No sneaking in excess of Magma! Mod (1.19.two, 1.18.two) edit a small characteristic moving as a result of Magma Blocks will get rid of blood. Minecraft vanilla has a modest element that lets you when sneaking can move by way of the Magma block without having problems, though if you go right, you will get

Glow Bats Mod (1.16.five) – Introducing A New Form Of Bat

Glow Bats Mod (1.16.five) adds glow bats to the activity. In caves, or when it is dim, you will come upon bats flying in all places often, when adventuring in the cave, you might be startled simply because bats will out of the blue surface in front of you. If you want to see glowing

Panorama Mod (1.19.3, one.eighteen.2) – Capturing Illustrations or photos Horizontally

Panorama Mod (one.19.three, one.18.two) makes it possible for players to get panoramic shots and screenshots. To the typical individual, the time period panoramic can feel quite overseas, however, to a photographer, the ability to acquire a photo panoramically is a gift. In the planet of Minecraft, there are a lot of lovely sceneries that simply

Additional Enchantments Mod (1.19.three, one.19.2) – Enchantments Offering Distinct Advantages

Extra Enchantments Mod (1.19.3, 1.19.2) provides quite a few new enchantments to the video game. Enchantment is 1 of the factors that helps make the sport more enjoyable essentially, in the activity, there are also quite a few distinct types of enchantments accessible. And to enrich what is inherent in the sport, Extra Enchantments Mod

Superior Controls Mod (1.19.2, one.18.2) – Increase Toggle Keybinds

Greater Controls Mod (1.19.two, 1.18.two) provides new characteristics to the recreation. Suppose you are wanting for a mod that makes it possible for you to modify the toggle buttons for each individual purpose in the sport. You’ll be able to toggle the toggles for sprinting, sneaking, traveling, walking, and leaping, and you can established up

Even bigger Sponge Absorption Radius Mod (one.19.two, one.eighteen.two) – The Absorption Radius Will increase

Larger Sponge Absorption Radius Mod (one.19.2, one.18.2) adds a minor attribute to the sponge block. Like in daily life, you can use a sponge to take in drinking water to dry a spot then, in Minecraft, the sponge block also has the identical impact. It will soak up all the h2o inside a radius of

Gas Canister Mod (1.19.2, one.eighteen.two) – Include New Goods To The Sport

Gas Canister Mod (one.19.2, 1.18.2) brings a new product to the match: a Fuel canister. The fuel to burn up the furnace in the video game will be coal or wooden charcoal, or in some cases if it is missing, it will be wooden. And ordinarily, burning 1 stack of ore will cost a good

Enchanting Commands Mod (1.19.2, one.eighteen.two) – Less difficult Way To Enchant Devices

Enchanting Commands Mod (1.19.two, 1.18.two) delivers new options to the game, allowing for you to enchant products with extra easy commands. If you have ever meant to have solid gear with a large enchantment stage, composing the command to generate that machines is very difficult and time-consuming. Now there is an less complicated way for