Apple As well as

Great to start off I will exhibit all the apples appropriate later on their highlights and crafting. • Iron Apple: Toughness: 1 Length: 60s Nourishment: 4 • Enchanted Iron Apple: Strength: two Duration: 200s Nutrition: six Resistance: 2 Duration: 200s • emerald Apple Hero of the village: five Duration: 3000s • Gooey Apple Jump: five

Intense Animals

How it  operates ?  It performs in a simple way now when you strike a neutral animal it can protect itself and attack you The modified animals are the subsequent cow, pig, rabbit, sheep and octopus How is the conduct ?  I say that it is equivalent to wolves simply because wolves assault in packs

Marcraft BE

You really should count on a CIM pushed addon, (Custom Merchandise Model) These will only be available (for now) with the function command. Furniture-wise you need to expect. It is instructed you put these on prime of a mattress, normally it will clip by way of the flooring. These can be put anywhere, it is

Grand Cherokee Addon

Traits:  Gasoline Daily life Time: 2100 seconds  It has potential for 4 passengers  Available in 7 shades  Has animations on: dashboard, wheels, steering wheel  The motor vehicle now has flashing lights.  Now the car has night lights.   Complementary functions:  1.It is important to generate the essential to start the auto and switch it off.

The Maze Runner Addon

Adult Griever: Wellness: 450, Destruction: 7, (when damages you get effected with fatal poison.) Will destroy sheep, pigs, cows, chickens, wolves, cats, and is extremely quickly and can climb partitions. Newborn Griever: Wellness: 215, Hurt: five, (when damages you get effected with poisonous.) Will kill sheep, pigs, cows, chickens, wolves, cats, and is speedy and

Useful resource Generators

Listed here are all the generators that are extra in. • Clay Generator • Cobblestone Generator • Dust Generator • Conclusion Stone Generator • Glowstone Generator • Grass Generator • Gravel Generator • Netherrack Generator • Sand Generator • Soul Sand Generator There are only tier one generators for now. (they generate assets each and

Rexy’s Expansion

1.skeleton and wither skeleton knight Skeleton knight Health and fitness: 30 Attack harm: six Wither skeleton knight Well being: 50 Attack hurt: eight two.Spartans Spartan Well being: 30 Attack problems: 11/13 Historical spartan Overall health: 100 Assault injury: 15/17 three.Armored villager Well being: 35 Assault problems: three/4 4.Stone grime golem Health: 300 Assault harm: 7/21