Minecraft But Leaves Are OP Info Pack (1.eighteen.2, one.17.1)

Minecraft But Leaves Are OP Facts Pack (1.18.2, 1.17.one) makes it so that you won’t have to ever fret about sources ever all over again! With this information pack, you will no for a longer period have to have to go underground and mine for ores. Now, you only require to crack a handful of

Minecraft But Pumpkin Drops OP Items Data Pack one.eighteen.one, 1.seventeen.1 (OP Pumpkin)

Minecraft But Pumpkin Drops OP Goods Information Pack one.18.1, one.17.1 is a easy but pleasurable knowledge pack. This uncomplicated data pack will switch pumpkin into a tremendous OP block that absolutely everyone desires! Right after installing this knowledge pack, any time you break a pumpkin block, it will now drop random things as an alternative

Melon Drop OP Goods Facts Pack 1.18.one, 1.17.one (OP Melon)

Minecraft But Pumpkin Drops OP Items Facts Pack 1.18.1, one.17.one is a straightforward but enjoyment facts pack. This uncomplicated knowledge pack will transform melon into a super OP block that every person wants! Immediately after putting in this knowledge pack, anytime you crack a melon block, it will now drop random OP goods as an

Mobs Fall Blessed Blocks Data Pack 1.18.1, one.seventeen.1 (Fortunate Mobs)

Mobs Drop Fortunate Blocks Details Pack one.18.1, one.17.1 tends to make buying a Lucky Block significantly easier. Lucky Block is a thought that introduces an mysterious ingredient into the match. It can be super entertaining to engage in around with Lucky Block as the end result is random, so everything can transpire! Typically, to get

Doom Hardore Details Pack 1.18.1, one.seventeen.one (More challenging Survival)

Doom Hardcore Details Pack one.18.1, 1.17.1 introduces a new hellish problem into Minecraft. If you at any time felt like Minecraft is much too effortless for you then you can try out to just take on this facts pack! Doom Hardcore will make a whole lot of alterations to every single hostile mob in the

Chairify Details Pack one.eighteen.1, 1.17.1 (Consider A Seat)

Chairify Data Pack one.18.1, one.17.one brings a awesome characteristic to the game, which allows you to sit almost any where. Just like its identify, use the command provided below and you can sit on anywhere you choose. Take pleasure in the pack to your heart content. How to Use: General public instructions: Produce a place:

Illager Fortresses Info Pack 1.eighteen.one, one.17.1 (An Icy Base of Operation)

Illager Fortresses Information Pack 1.18.one, 1.17.1 replaces the igloos with monumental illager fortresses. Now, there are three distinctive forms which can produce: fortress, tower, and dungeon. Every a person is whole of hostile illagers that will assault you on sight. This is endgame information so it is ideal that you get entire diamond armor and

Minecraft But Piglin Bartering Is OP Info Pack one.seventeen.one/one.sixteen.five (OP Piglin)

Minecraft But Piglin Bartering Is OP Info Pack one.17.1/1.16.5 adjustments the loot desk of piglin bartering so that you will often get great items from it! Usually, you can barter with piglin to get many items. A lot of of people items are rather useless, but some are scarce and practical, like Crying Obsidian or

Minecraft But Smelting Is Tremendous Data Pack one.seventeen.one/one.16.five (OP Furnace)

Minecraft But Smelting Is Super Details Pack 1.17.one/1.16.five assists you get netherite device ideal absent in the early game. Commonly, netherite is a late-activity useful resource, as it is scarce and demands at the very least a diamond pickaxe to mine. Not only that, but netherite is also exceptionally exceptional and only spawn in the

Totems Preserve You From The Void Info Pack one.seventeen.1/one.sixteen.five (Void Totem)

Totems Help you save You From The Void Data Pack one.17.1/one.16.5 will conserve you from dying to the Void and getting rid of all the things. Commonly, if you fall into the Void, then there is really little that you can do. The finest-situation circumstance is that you are rapidly ample to use an Elytra