Survival Helicopters Add-on (one.18) – Apache, Chinook, Cargo Helicopters

Survival Helicopters Increase-on (one.18) adds a helicopter that you can push which has 7 variants, it also adds a cargo helicopter, and in this most recent edition two new helicopters have been included: the apache and the chinook.


Cargo helicopter:

It is a helicopter for two travellers, which can transport any form of mob. you can cost the mob by approaching them even though driving the helicopter, and to fall them just get off the helicopter.

Apache helicopter:

It is a two-passenger helicopter geared up with a device gun that will fireplace at the closest ostile mobs.

It is a minimal quicker when flying than the other helicopters, you can also place 3 camouflaged on it, this before taming the helicopter, given that this helicopter wants to be tamed just before you can fly in it.

(Be mindful: make absolutely sure when attacking a mob you are usually on top of them as the chopper can unintentionally shoot at you and eliminate you, though I have set a regeneration potion effect when you get on the chopper to avert injury.)

Chinook helicopter:

It is a helicopter with potential for 18 travellers.

In which you can transport the villagers.

as? *In purchase for the villagers to board the helicopter, you need to have an merchandise termed “Load Villagers” in your hand and push “cargar”.

*and to get them off the helicopter you have to have in your hand an product termed “unload villagers” and “descargar” and they will get off the helicopter.

This helicopter only has three variants: grey, yellow and inexperienced.

How to use:

How can I alter the colour of my helicopter?

You just have to bend down with the spray in your hand and the PAINT button must show up

If you really do not have the spray in hand then you can access the helicopter stock.

How to take care of the helicopter?

one. You must advance
two. Glance up to go up and search down to go down.

How to open helicopter stock?

“does not function effectively on some devices.”

Crouch down and then you should really see “open” and voila you can retailer your stuff in the upper body of the helicopter.

Crafting Recipes:


Survival Helicopters Incorporate-on (1.18) Download Inbound links:

For MCPE one.18

Obtain from server 1 – Download from server 2

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