Microsoft does not actually have the ending of ‘Minecraft’


Julian Gough, the author of the epic poem that can be seen right after finishing Minecraft, has hit out at the “capitalist games” that studios play.

In a Twitter thread, Gough clarifies that “eleven-and-a-little bit yrs in the past, I wrote the only published narrative in Minecraft: the story that appears just after you destroy the Ender Dragon, a narrative which players typically connect with ‘The Conclude Poem’. Right now, I officially liberated that ending.”

Gough goes on to clarify that he never ever signed a contract with unique studio Mojang, or Microsoft following their $two.3billion (£1.9billion) acquisition of the business in 2014, so has generally retained all the legal rights to ‘The End Poem’.

In a lengthy put up on Substack, Gough goes into depth about the generation of Minecraft‘s ‘The Finish Poem’ and the authorized back and forth that adopted.

“I was place beneath a ton of strain to indication [the contract]. But I under no circumstances signed it. So Microsoft has in no way owned the ending to Minecraft. I personal it. And from right now on, I’m letting anybody perform with it,” he spelled out on Twitter.

Gough included: “I do not want any individual to be imply to [Mojang co-founders Markus Persson or Carl Manneh] or even Microsoft. They just performed the typical capitalist recreation, as they are free to do. But I am an artist, and I am free to disagree with how they engage in that video game. I did not like the way they played it, and so I did not indicator the contract. And now, following a lot of believed, I have transferred those words to the reward financial state.”

He went on to say that any person is now free to use ‘The Stop Poem’ even so they want, which includes Microsoft, as it is protected by a “CC0 one. Universal (CC0 one.) General public Area Commitment. It’s free to play with, like Shakespeare, and the Bible.”

Talking to Kotaku, Gough unveiled that subsequent his Twitter thread, “he’s received PayPal donations from Microsoft staff members.”

“And I’ve had some eye-opening DMs from writers, and other creatives, who truly feel they had been screwed above by huge games firms, but who are scared to say just about anything in public, mainly because they be concerned they will be quietly blacklisted. There’s a whole lot of harm out there,” he included.

Before this month, Gough returned to Twitter to speak about how “Microsoft, with 1700 authorized staff members readily available, did not reply to requests for comment from a important global media organisation about an about-to-be-released tale detailing how Microsoft did not possess the ending to the most thriving recreation of all time,” in an endeavor to “minimise the spread of the story”.

“Well, I woke up to see that this thread had taken off,” Gough explained the subsequent working day ‘which is fantastic! Since I used all working day yesterday trying to get that thread correct. To make it a superior, truthful, enjoyable study. And now it is keeping people today Engaged And On The Platform. I’m a professional author who labored all day yesterday, for free, to make much more dollars for Elon Musk.”

“And that is a gorgeous illustration of exactly what I talked about in the suppressed piece I wrote about Microsoft and Minecraft. Factors are now structured so that businesses (and billionaires) continue to keep all the cash generated by the do the job of writers and artists,” he extra.

In other news, one particular Minecraft creator has reportedly invested 3 months recreating Toto’s ‘Africa’ in the video game – look at it out here.

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