MCinaBox (one.19.3, 1.eighteen.2) – A Minecraft Java Edition Launcher on Android

MCinaBox (1.19.three, one.18.two) is a Launcher of Minecraft Java Edition on Android. The main operation is driven by CosineMath’s BoatApp task.


  • MCinaBox is an open resource project with the aim of building and building a Minecraft Java Version launcher that runs on an Android.
  • Entrance Stop gives Person Management, Minecraft Version Administration, Minecraft Sport Controller, Minecraft Startup Parameter Era, Configuration Backend, etcConfiguration and Administration functions to decrease the workload of finish launcher growth.
  • Backend presents JRE runtime natural environment, Minecraft runtime environment, etc main functionality.
  • Composition MCinaBox is made up of a entrance finish and a back conclusion.
  • MCinaBox supports Mojang’s official server authentication. When you build a user, you can verify On line login and enter your Mojang account and password to log in.
  • MCinaBox supports server authentication for Authlib-Injector. When you develop a consumer, you can examine On-line login, enter your account and password, and verify the tackle of the server to log on.
  • MCinaBox will not file your password in any way.


How to put in:

  • Obtain the APK and runtime to your Android telephone.
  • Then start APK and find Launcher Configurations – Import Runtime. Click Import to import runtime.
  • Alternatively, you can move the runtime to / sdcard / Android/ com.aof.mcinabox/documents/MCinaBox/runtime , and then repeat the earlier phase.

How to engage in:

  • Initial, you require to develop a person. Click Person – Incorporate new Consumer to generate a consumer.
  • 2nd, you have to have to obtain Minecraft. Click Game List – Put in new model to obtain Minecraft.
  • Last but not least, you will start the video game. Remember to pick out a Minecraft variation on household page and begin the activity.

Minecraft Forge:

  • To start with, download Minecraft Forge. It must be in Universal and jar format.
  • Then place the downloaded jar file in /sdcard/Android/com.aof.mcinabox/files/MCinaBox/forge.
  • Lastly, open up the MCinaBox and click Launcher Settings – Forge Installer to pick out and put in the forge.


  • MCinaBox offers a number of customization options, you can configure your launcher parameters in the Sport Record – Global Game Settings.
  • MCinaBox gives the ability to personalize your Minecraft performing listing by configuring your Minecraft operating listing in the Sport Directory.
  • MCinaBox presents the ability to customize your video game controller by generating your digital keyboard format in the Digital Keyboard Settings.

MCinaBox (one.19.three, 1.18.two) Obtain One-way links

APK File (For Android): Obtain from Server oneObtain from Server 2

MCinaBox Import Runtime Launcher Configurations: Obtain from Server 1Download from Server 2

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