Java Debug Screen Addon (1.18, 1.seventeen) – F3 Debug Menu

Are you frustrated by the absence of facts about your participant and your entire world presented in-match. Are you pissed off that Mojang hasn’t extra an precise toggleable debug display that operates on all platforms? Need not to fret as the group seems to be undertaking much more for Minecraft Bedrock Edition than Mojang these times! Java Debug Screen Addon (one.18, one.17) permits you to empower debug display screen F3 in Minecraft PE in 2022 in cell.


Display Functions (best to bottom):

Still left Panel:

  1. Minecraft. This can be altered to present the edition by altering $minecraft_sport_version in /ui/_world-wide_variables.json to the ideal quantity.
  2. Match performance. This demonstrates how properly your game is undertaking and provides an estimate of your recent frames per next. 100% game effectiveness indicates your video game is doing typically, 50% signifies you are going through some thing that is impacting your general performance, and % signifies you are in all probability suffering from Minecraft: Powerpoint Version.
  3. Ticks and server. Will mainly be vanilla server, and # ticks is the existing tps.
  4. E. This is the entity counter. It shows the existing variety of entities in your draw distance.
  5. Dimension. This demonstrates the current dimension you are in.
  6. Place. This is the very same posture screen when you have the placing ticked.
  7. Struggling with: path. This exhibits the recent cardinal route you are facing, as perfectly as what path you are struggling with in phrases of x,z coordinates.
  8. Light stage. Demonstrates the latest light level of the x,y,z coordinate.
  9. Biome. Displays the current biome you are in.
  10. Difficulty. Displays the present-day recreation issues.
  11. Day counter. Shows the latest in-activity day.
  12. Debug: reveals that the debug display screen is energetic, as well as how to toggle it off.
  13. Aid: demonstrates how to get assistance in-sport.

Correct Panel:

  • a.      Operating program/architecture – demonstrates a little bit about the gadget you are using
  • b.      Graphics: exhibits the present rendering motor utilised by your unit
  • c.       UI Variety: displays the current UI profile (pocket or desktop)
  • d.      Input Variety: exhibits the recreation input variety (keyboard/mouse, contact, controller)
  • e.      Environment Information
  •        i.      is_raining: is it raining in the overworld?
  •        ii.     Moon Section: reveals the recent moon period
  • f.       Player Info
  •         i.     is_in_village: is the existing participant in a valid village?
  •         ii.    is_underground: is the latest participant underground?

Toggling the Screen on and off:

  • Cellular: push the F3 button at the prime of the monitor
  • Pc: push F8. You can download this AutoHotKey executable to remap the crucial to F3: You can overview the code by yourself if you are uncomfortable with downloading a .exe file from the web.
  • Controller: stand nonetheless for about one 2nd, crouch, and press LB on an Xbox Controller, L1 on PlayStation, and L on Change.
  • All platforms:  go to options->video->Debug Display


How to install:

1.    Implement the behavior pack to the globe. Executing this will also implement the demanded useful resource pack. (Again up your world if use this addon on present globe.)
two.    Assure that you have the pursuing globe options ticked:

  • “Show Coordinates”
  • “Holiday Creator Features”
  • “Additional Modding Capabilities”

3.    Start off the globe. Automated installation of the pack capabilities will start quickly on loading the entire world.

(You DO NOT need to tick “Allow Cheats” for this pack to get the job done.)

Java Debug Screen Addon (one.18, 1.17) Down load Inbound links:

For MCPE one.18, 1.17

Down load from Server 1 – Down load from Server two

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