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Minecraft Desert Hills Seeds for Java Edition (Computer system/Mac)

Use one particular of these Minecraft Desert Hills seeds to generate a world in which you spawn in a Desert Hills biome in Java Edition one.18 or one.16.

In Minecraft, the Desert Hills is a biome in the Overworld. It is designed up of heaps of hills that are covered in sand, cacti, and dead bushes. You may perhaps obtain rivers jogging alongside the edges of this biome in which there will be sugar canes increasing. Setting up in Minecraft 1.18, the Desert Hills is no for a longer time a one of a kind biome, but has turn into section of the Desert biome.

Here are some Desert Hills seeds for Minecraft Java Version (Personal computer/Mac):

Desert Hills Seeds for Minecraft Java Edition one.18

Desert Hills Seed #1

Seed:  13579

This Minecraft seed spawns you in the center of a Desert biome. Nearly right beneath you is a Dungeon at coordinates (-110,6,41) that has a skeleton spawner and 2 chests to loot.

If you vacation to the West, you will come across a Mesa biome with loads of different colours of terracotta to mine.

Desert Hills Seeds for Minecraft Java Version 1.16

Desert Hills Seed #one

Seed:  9041

This Minecraft seed spawns you in the middle of a massive Desert Hills biome. If you travel South, you can locate a pyramid at coordinates (81,64,270).

You can also uncover a Pillager Outpost (which you can see in the distance in this image) if you journey East to coordinates (256,64,100).

Desert Hills Seed #2

Seed:  200019

This Minecraft seed spawns you on the edge of a Desert Hills, correct following to a Savanna with tons of acacia trees.

What would make this one of the very best seeds is that instantly below you is a substantial Abandoned Mineshaft to explore with chests, iron ore, and gold ore. But be cautious due to the fact the Abandoned Mineshaft is crammed with creepers and skeletons.

Other Java Version Seeds

Test out these other intriguing seeds for Minecraft Java Version (Computer/Mac):

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