Winged Map (one.19.2, one.18.two) – Battles In The Sky!

Winged Map (one.19.2, 1.18.two) is a PvP map made by Eluant Studios. To all the Minecraft pilots out there, this is your likelihood to glow! Grab an plane and soar via the sapphire skies to enter epic battles with your close friends. This plane versus airplane minigame is confident to carry about a large amount

Task M: Mob Arena Map (one.19.2, one.eighteen.2) – Should Check out PvP Map

Project M: Mob Arena Map (1.19.two, one.18.two) is a PvP map made by GalacticAC. It’s normally a very good detail to have new locations and gameplay for you and your mates to fight, choose a appear at this map! Venture M: Mob Arena options 10 places for you to struggle in and a number of

Explosion Arena Map 1.sixteen.5 for Minecraft

Explosion Arena is a PvE map from jasontime12345. The gameplay is easy but pleasant. You will spawn with an infinite supply of arrows, a knockback stick, a bow, a detonator blaze rod, ender pearls, and 15 seconds of invincibility. To detonate all of your present arrows, maintain down the detonator adhere. With your invulnerability, you

Yandere Simulator Significant School: Conceal and Seek out Map 1.sixteen.five for Minecraft

Yandere Simulator Substantial School: Hide and Find is a PvP map from AnnaMayStudios. This map is an arena like a single in Yandere Simulator, which includes school grounds, the city all-around the college, and the landscaping close to the university. The author also provides some tunnels and a boiler home to develop extra achievable hiding