Placeholder Map (one.19.2, one.18.2) – A Puzzle for Imaginative Gamers

Placeholder Map (1.19.2, 1.18.two) is a puzzle map established by SimonDMC and EurekaX. If you are intrigued in machines and mechanical puzzles, this map is for you! In Placeholder, you will choose on a journey to explore an incomplete make website. In this article, you must resolve puzzles and use unintended mechanics to progress. Investigate

Safari Maze Map (, one.18.two) – A Puzzling Obstacle

Safari Maze Map (, one.18.two) is a maze map established by Das_Skou. If you believe a maze map is challenging plenty of, then this combination of maze and puzzle worries will crack you! Safari Maze is a maze/puzzle map exactly where you have to find your way out of the maze whilst attempting to remedy

Obtain The Button – 25 Amounts Map (, 1.18.2) – A Standard FTB Map

Find The Button – 25 Ranges Map (, one.18.2) is a discovering map designed by CaspiGam3r. There is very little better than an structured obtain the button recreation. Just like a lot of of its form, this locate the button map incorporates 25 stages of enjoyment and a lobby to enable you retain monitor of

Hall of The Warden Map (one.19.1, 1.eighteen.2) – Escape the Warden

Corridor of The Warden Map (, 1.18.two) is an escape map intended by PJFLIX_Productions. The Warden is this kind of an amazing, but fearsome creature.  It has become a well-known theme for new one.19 map that has just occur out, and this map is a perfect case in point. Corridor of The Warden is an

Unachievable Buttons Map (, one.eighteen.two) – Defeat Minecraft with the Assistance of Buttons

Unattainable Buttons Map (, one.18.two) is a acquiring map developed by Ice. In this map, you will come to be Steve, a identified player who seeks the assist of distinctive buttons all around the map to eliminate the ender dragon. In this map, Steve is worthless with out the help of buttons put in many

Tricks of the Egyptian Gods Map (one.eighteen.two) – Adventure in the Burning Desert

Techniques of the Egyptian Gods Map (1.18.two) is a puzzle map designed by YUTIX and SALZMEISTER. What could be far more exhilarating than an adventure in the desert? In this map, you wake up in a desert cave without the need of significantly knowledge of your present-day situation or your surrounding atmosphere. The only matter