Unfair Sugar Map (1.19.one, one.eighteen.two) – Get ready To Be Frustrated!

Unfair Sugar Map (one.19.1, one.18.2) is a sport map made by TheAssassin. The map could sound sweet, but the obstacle is nowhere close to that! Unfair Sugar is the latest map in the well known “unfair” map series. With a pretty white, snowy and sugary theme, this map however represents anything that an unfair map

Traveling Straight Map one.17.one for Minecraft

Traveling Straight Map one.17.1 is a recreation map created by mbfofficial. In Flying Straight, all you require is superior flying skills! By playing this map, you get the opportunity to exam and exercise your traveling techniques with Elytra through many issues. Especially, there are 20 amounts inside of the recreation ranging from easy to crazy

Explosion Arena Map 1.sixteen.5 for Minecraft

Explosion Arena is a PvE map from jasontime12345. The gameplay is easy but pleasant. You will spawn with an infinite supply of arrows, a knockback stick, a bow, a detonator blaze rod, ender pearls, and 15 seconds of invincibility. To detonate all of your present arrows, maintain down the detonator adhere. With your invulnerability, you

Tremendous Voxel Social gathering! Map one.16.five for Minecraft

Super Voxel Occasion is a minigame map produced by Origin_MC and TheNerdyGinger. This is a totally functional four-participant Mario Get together video game in Minecraft. Roll the dice to move throughout typical Mario Get together boards, collecting coins and stars whilst employing goodies and participating in minigames. Right after the bash, whoever has the most

Mob Industries – 4 Groups

Mob Industries is a cooperative workforce recreation in which crew customers will perform with each other to accumulate assets in buy to sabotage the other teams. Unlocking distinct sites to acquire means allow for players to get additional highly effective items. Eventually, gamers will invest in weapons, as nicely as mob eggs to attempt and