Config Menus for Forge Mod (1.eighteen.two, one.17.1) – Enhancing Config Files In-Match

Config Menus for Forge Mod (one.18.2, 1.17.1) lets for edit Forge’s server configurations (and all other config types as properly) specifically in-match with quite a few convenient and useful options. The way to go for mod configs to be configured directly in-recreation on Forge. Wonderful, rapid and uncomplicated. Screenshots: Most notably, this mod makes it

Fireplace Lib Mod (1.18.2, one.17.1) – Library for The_Fireplace’s Mods

Fire Lib Mod (one.18.two, is a library of popular features utilised by The_Fireplace’s mods, in a person spot for a lot easier servicing and more rapidly updates. Functions: Multithreading (Makes it possible for far more points to materialize at after). Serializing and deserializing data (Will make it less complicated to help save various details

Dawn API (1.18.two, – Library for DawnTeamMC’s Mods

Dawn API (1.18.2, 1.17.1) is a library mod that facilitates the development of options for other mods. It also is bundled with some commands that can be used for mapmaking as a standalone mod. Options: Commands: /overall health /health include Adds wellness factors to the . /health and fitness set Set well being points to

Pehkui Mod (one.18.2, 1.17.1) – Shifting The Measurement of Any Entity

Pehkui Mod (one.18.2, will allow mod builders to modify the measurement of entities.This mod permits for most entities to have their dimensions changed, either enlarging or shrinking them. It also provides an API that other mods can make use of to manipulate the sizing of entities and the time it requires for their size

Phosphophyllite Mod (1.18.two, – Library for Even bigger Series Mods

Phosphophyllite Mod (1.18.2, is used by mods in the Even larger Series (Example: Greater Reactors Mod). Needs: Minecraft Forge How to set up: Make certain you have currently installed Minecraft Forge. Track down the minecraft application folder. On home windows open up Operate from the commence menu, form %appdata% and click Operate. On mac

Kotlin for Forge Mod (1.eighteen.two, – Kotlin Libraries

Kotlin for Forge Mod (1.18.2, one.17.1) uses to make mods with the Kotlin programming language. This mod is effective by shading the Kotlin libraries, supplying KotlinLanguageProvider to load @Mod object declarations, delivering AutoKotlinEventBusSubscriber to load @EventBusSubscriber declarations, and furnishing beneficial utility functions and constants. Options: Provides the Kotlin libraries. Presents KotlinLanguageProvider to allow utilization of

Chem Lib (one.18.two, one.seventeen.1) – Library for al132’s Mods

Chem Lib (1.18.two, is a very simple mod that provides a lot of chemistry-associated things which include: All 118 features, Ingots for all factors that make perception (i.e. all other than for gases, mercury, iron, gold, etcetera), Several dozen chemical compounds, which includes quite a few “drugs” that have potion consequences when consumed. Screenshots:

ShetiPhianCore one.18.1, one.17.1 (Library for ShetiPhian’s Mods)

ShetiPhianCore one.18.1, 1.17.1 is the core classes all ShetiPhian’s mods use. It need to be put in or ShetiPhian’s mods will crash. Mods applying this main: EnderTanks Illumine Miscellaneums MultiBeds MultiStorage PixelPowers two Platforms Terraqueous Calls for: Minecraft Forge How to put in: Make guaranteed you have presently put in Minecraft Forge. Locate the minecraft

Obfuscate Mod one.17.1/1.16.5 (Library for Mr_Crayfish’s Mods)

Obfuscate Mod is a basic library that delivers beneficial occasions, utilities, and typical code for mod builders. Capabilities: EntityLivingInitEvent – Makes it possible for you to include more DataParameters to entities for effortless server-to-consumer knowledge synchronization. ModelPlayerEvent SetupAngles – Permits you to manipulate the player’s product angles without the need of the need to

Material Language Kotlin Mod for Minecraft

Fabric Language Kotlin Mod adds guidance for utilizing a Kotlin object as the primary mod course and bundles the Kotlin libraries and runtime for you. Needs: Cloth Modloader Cloth API Architectury API Cloth Config API How to install: Download and Install Minecraft Launcher Vanilla Down load and Install Fabric Installer for Vanilla Launcher Operate