MCinaBox (one.19.3, 1.eighteen.2) – A Minecraft Java Edition Launcher on Android

MCinaBox (1.19.three, one.18.two) is a Launcher of Minecraft Java Edition on Android. The main operation is driven by CosineMath’s BoatApp task. Features: MCinaBox is an open resource project with the aim of building and building a Minecraft Java Version launcher that runs on an Android. Entrance Stop gives Person Management, Minecraft Version Administration, Minecraft Sport

Badlion Consumer Launcher (1.19, 1.eighteen.two) – Ideal Minecraft PvP Shopper

Badlion Consumer Launcher (one.19, 1.18.2) is a free-to-use launcher and supervisor for Minecraft. It does not have to have an more purchase. If you already personal the video game, you can down load Badlion and commence utilizing it immediately. The Badlion customer is extra than just a launcher, even though. It arrives with far more