Liminal Faculty Map (, one.eighteen.two) – A Spooky Journey

Liminal University Map (one.19.1, one.18.2) is an experience map designed by MR/PA. If you are into spooky adventures, make your way to Liminal college. In this map, you will get to examine an deserted elementary school total of vacant school rooms and useless reminiscences. These scattered recollections will assist you to discover all the secrets

Mega Taiga World Hardcore Foundation Map (1.19, 1.18.1) – 100 Times in Minecraft Harcore Environment

Mega Taiga Entire world Hardcore Base Map (one.19, is a survival map produced by Nexku_Seding. How far can you go soon after 100 days in Minecraft Harcore world? Examine out Nexku_Seding’s process in Mega Taiga Globe Hardcore Foundation! This map is a survival base in the hardcore mode with a good deal of vital

Nations Celebration Earth Map (1.19, 1.18.1) – Custom made Survival Worlds

Nations Function Entire world Map (1.19, is a survival map produced by firehart. A new survival map is here for you to take pleasure in! This personalized survival entire world is composed of 5 different biomes within 4 beautiful islands, like desert, snow, forest, jungle and plains. The map is suited for wandering close

Worry at the Parkour Map ( – A Genuine Problem For Skilled Parkour Gamers

Worry at the Parkour Map (1.18.1) is a parkour map developed by yomikester238. Welcome to just one of the toughest Parkour Programs out there yet! Worry at the Parkour (PATP) is a well-known parkour class that has challenged a number of renowned Minecrafters. Of course, it’s your transform to attempt. The map is a combination

Twin Torii Island Map ( – A Semi-Realistic Depiction Of a Japanese Village

Twin Torii Island Map (1.18.1) is a development map made by WanderingToad. If you have a matter for Japanese-themed properties, this map is for you! Twin Torii Island is a semi-real looking depiction of a Japanese village and a compact samurai’s estate. Some residences are based on authentic historical properties from the Edo and Sengoku

The Dream Recorder Map (one.eighteen.1) – Help save Teddy from His Desires!

The Dream Recorder Map ( is an journey map designed by TeddyPlayer1. Although striving out his new creation, The Aspiration Recorder, Teddy unintentionally trapped himself and split his head into pieces across his dreams! Fortunately, he has remaining you messages in the type of Dream Recordings. Your mission in this map is to escape from