Castle Croxlantis Map one.18.1 for Minecraft

Castle Croxlantis Map is a castle map developed by jofcroxford. Welcome to Castle Croxlantis, a gorgeous survival region for Minecrafters! At the coronary heart of the kingdom, there is a superb castle with a special style and decorative interior inside. From there, players can go to visit the close by village or a fully-playable

Medieval Fantasy Residences Map 1.18.1 for Minecraft

Medieval Fantasy Properties Map 1.18.1 is a property map made by MAT1CSBuilds. Seeking for a way to make your survival match far more fascinating? You can consider to begin with these medieval fantasy properties! To be more unique, this map attributes fantasy-medieval theme houses with coloured roofs which will glance breathtaking when form into a

The Tourist: Remastered Map 1.18.1 for Minecraft

The Vacationer: Remastered Map one.18.1 is an adventure map designed by Stratocrafteur and remastered by KazerLight. The Tourist is an outdated experience map produced in 2012 that holds a distinctive area in numerous players’ hearts for its breathtaking visual and terrific story. This time the map is back again in the newest Minecraft edition and