Generate Mod (one.18.two, one.16.five) – Developing Resources and Aesthetic Technologies

Generate Mod (1.18.2, one.16.5) offering a wide variety of resources and blocks for Creating, Decoration and Aesthetic Automation. The included aspects of tech are made to go away as lots of layout alternatives to the player as doable, where by item processing does not occur inside a one block with humorous textures, it requires a

SEUS PTGI Shaders Pack (1.eighteen.2, – Path Tracing, Ray Traced Shaders

SEUS PTGI Shaders Pack (1.18.2, is a one of a kind add-on that will let you to very easily get the most out of gaming exercise. Therefore, the designer of this shader worked so nicely that now this increase-on is almost a ray tracing simulation. SEUS PTGI Shaders Pack for Minecraft is an experimental

Fireplace Lib Mod (1.18.2, one.17.1) – Library for The_Fireplace’s Mods

Fire Lib Mod (one.18.two, is a library of popular features utilised by The_Fireplace’s mods, in a person spot for a lot easier servicing and more rapidly updates. Functions: Multithreading (Makes it possible for far more points to materialize at after). Serializing and deserializing data (Will make it less complicated to help save various details

Pehkui Mod (one.18.2, 1.17.1) – Shifting The Measurement of Any Entity

Pehkui Mod (one.18.2, will allow mod builders to modify the measurement of entities.This mod permits for most entities to have their dimensions changed, either enlarging or shrinking them. It also provides an API that other mods can make use of to manipulate the sizing of entities and the time it requires for their size

Kotlin for Forge Mod (1.eighteen.two, – Kotlin Libraries

Kotlin for Forge Mod (1.18.2, one.17.1) uses to make mods with the Kotlin programming language. This mod is effective by shading the Kotlin libraries, supplying KotlinLanguageProvider to load @Mod object declarations, delivering AutoKotlinEventBusSubscriber to load @EventBusSubscriber declarations, and furnishing beneficial utility functions and constants. Options: Provides the Kotlin libraries. Presents KotlinLanguageProvider to allow utilization of

RFTools Storage Mod (one.18.2, one.16.five) – Remote Storage

RFTools Storage Mod (one.18.2, one.16.5) is an addon for RFTools Foundation which adds the storage procedure and all the things linked to that. In the long run, distant storage and the storage scanner will also be included and this mod will expand into a fully highlighted storage method mod. In contrast to the one.12 edition

Chem Lib (one.18.two, one.seventeen.1) – Library for al132’s Mods

Chem Lib (1.18.two, is a very simple mod that provides a lot of chemistry-associated things which include: All 118 features, Ingots for all factors that make perception (i.e. all other than for gases, mercury, iron, gold, etcetera), Several dozen chemical compounds, which includes quite a few “drugs” that have potion consequences when consumed. Screenshots:

WorldEdit Mod (1.18.2, 1.17.1) – In-Game Voxel Map Editor

WorldEdit Mod (1.18.2, 1.17.1) provides a fantastic tool for the players who love construction and repair in significant scale work. As you know (or perhaps you do not know), WorldEdit is a tool with a great and magical ability in construction, change and a feature that it can solve the problem in a localized area

Simply Backpacks Mod (1.18.2, 1.17.1) – Store Your Things

Simply Backpacks Mod (1.18.2, 1.17.1) is a simple tiered backpack mod, for your item storage needs. Features: 4 Tiers of Backpacks(Common: 18 Slots, Uncommon: 33 Slots, Rare: 66 Slots, Epic: 99 Slots) Optional Baubles support. (1.12.2) Openable via hotkey (all versions) Hotkey toggleable item auto-pickup with whitelist/blacklist support. (all versions) Upgradeable via crafting (all versions)

Lighting Wand Mod (one.eighteen.2, – Displaying Light Resources

Lights Wand Mod (one.18.two, 1.17.1) adds a Lights Wand to place invisible light source. Only if you have the wand (or Casting Guidance Product (CAD) from Psi) in hand can you see the block bound. And it is pretty configurable that you can opt for to repair wand by glowstone dust or Forge power. When