Lance Ville (Initially Launch)

primary district – the powerhouse of Lance Ville where by the citizens are occupied. the primary district consists of MAHARLIKA Worldwide airport, Port of Maria, Marina, sports activities intricate, lodges, apartments, offices, industrial areas and etc. legacy district- the heart of the city that controls the town. the legacy district incorporates the metropolis corridor, faculty,

Mob Industries – 4 Groups

Mob Industries is a cooperative workforce recreation in which crew customers will perform with each other to accumulate assets in buy to sabotage the other teams. Unlocking distinct sites to acquire means allow for players to get additional highly effective items. Eventually, gamers will invest in weapons, as nicely as mob eggs to attempt and

Caught In Space Journey Map

Welcome to a 1 of a variety, brilliant journey map where the objective is to endure. This map is based on the movie Apollo 11 wherever you press a button and there is a structural issue revolving close to explosions. You are informed to turn on the battery back 1 but items go horribly wrong…

Mattress Hurry – Argent Studio

  # What is Bed Hurry ?   Mattress Rush is a map developed by ArgentStudio and impressed by MLG hurry which was recommended from our community, the map is operated with a limited-command-blocks technique to lower the lags for the lower-gadgets so we can make confident that everyone can have a exciting knowledge!  #