WitchCraft Addon (1.19) – MCPE/Bedrock Mod

WitchCraft Addon (one.19) is a magic addon that is less than growth, it is meant to deliver an knowledge in Minecraft that improves its written content and gameplay, it will do so by such as new merchandise, mobs, armor, bosses, familiars, and many others. Characteristics: Darkish Cauldron “This is where by all the magic starts

Greater Foliage Addon/Texture Pack (one.19) – MCPE/Bedrock

Improved Foliage Addon/Texture Pack (one.19) is impressed by unique Minecraft Java Foliage mods and it aims to make the in-activity foliage denser and considerably less repetitive by transforming textures/designs and adding variants to all the in-activity foliage. It also provides Slipping Leaves, New Features, and New Crops. You can use this as a Texture Pack

Ore Generators Addon (1.19) – MCPE/Bedrock Mod

Ore Generators Addon (1.19) provides 6 ore generators that can be crafted and positioned anywhere! Only right-simply click on it to acquire things and crack the generator to decide on it up and transfer it everywhere! Attributes: Cobblestone Generator: Coal Generator: Iron Generator: Gold Generator: Diamond Generator: Netherite Generator: How to use: Initial craft the

Tropycal Addon (1.19) – MCPE/Bedrock Mod

Tropycal Addon (one.19) is a particular addon that will convey you a new makeover for the standard seashore biome! That signifies plenty of tall and beautiful coconut trees, heaps of native villages, and plenty of crabs and shells to accumulate! Fruits, refreshments, and a menu with plenty of seafood and fish goods! Characteristics: This addon

Science Update Addon (1.19) – MCPE/Bedrock Mod

Welcome science lover! In Science Update Addon (1.19), you are going to uncover loads of science decoration blocks! You can interact with some of them like laboratory drawers (you can preserve your stuff) or chairs (sitting about them). You really should check the crafting recipes and the tips the author offers to engage in with

ManHunt Addon (one.19) – MCPE/Bedrock Mod

ManHunt Addon (1.19) is the finest and most full Bedrock Manhunt Addon! A greatest of two Speedrunners purpose to destroy the Ender Dragon while a utmost of three Hunters try out to end them from beating Minecraft. Functions: Compass to track the Runner(s) Monitor the Runner(s) in the Nether Set Hunter(s’) spawnpoint by standing on beds Many Advancements Runner tracker

M1151a3 Humvee Addon (1.19) – MCPE/Bedrock Armed service Mod

M1151a3 Humvee is the all-time Most loved Navy car or truck the Humvee M1151 variant A3 with no turret, is utilized by US Military, US Navy Seabees, and US Marines. Transport is valued for its characteristics and complex features. Now you can also turn into the operator of a actual, armed service Humvee in the