CreativeCore (1.19.2, 1.18.2) – Library for CreativeMD’s Mods

CreativeCore (1.19.2, 1.18.2) is a core mod for RandomAdditions, LittleTiles, ItemPhysic, CraftingManager. This mod contains parts of the still-in-progress “Forge Development Library”, made by N247S in cooperation with CreativeMD. Features: Gui-Api. Packet system (supports splitted packets). Recipe system. Enhanced Vanilla Recipe. Transformer API (obfuscated name converter). Event system (by N247s). InfoStack objects (a way to

Fabric API (1.19.2, one.18.2) – Critical Hooks for Modding

Material API (one.19.two, one.18.two) is a light-weight mod loader that is created to be much faster in terms of updates compared to comparable courses like Minecraft Forge. It doesn’t give entire-on customization for modifying mods to your preference but you can nonetheless establish mods with it. This modular modding toolchain allows porting be faster and

Innovative Main (one.19.2, 1.18.2) – Library for P3pp3rF1y’s Mods

Subtle Core (1.19.two, one.18.two) is a library mod for P3pp3rF1y’s Mods. Characteristics: Popular upgrades functionality. Dealing with of complex inventories. Gui logic that allows operating with upgrades and similar inventories. Rendering of updates. Frequent storage options. Rendering of storage stacks contents in their tooltip. Common stash stacks logic. Requires: Minecraft Forge How to put in:

Atlas Lib (1.19.two, one.eighteen.2) – Library for Smileycorp’s Mods

Atlas Lib (1.19.2, 1.18.two) is a library for shared code amongst Minecraft mods. This mod does almost nothing if put in by by itself, and only exists as a dependency for other mods. Attributes: Several utilities to streamline the registering of sets of goods and blocks. Various utilities to tackle the rendering of designs. Numerous

Player Animator Mod (one.19.2, 1.eighteen.2) – The Main for Tailored Animations

Participant Animator Mod (one.19.two, 1.18.two) is pretty crucial for Mods that focus on putting in a new established of animations to the activity. From a new fight design to a uncomplicated walking animation, these clever installations of animations would in no way see the gentle of day if Moders never count on Participant Animator to