Abstract Dimension Hunt Map 1.17.1 for Minecraft

Abstract Dimension Hunt Map 1.17.1 is a finding map created by Potassiumola. Let’s visit the abstract dimension and start your finding journey! In this map, you will join a scavenger hunt in a place that only exists in people’s imagination. Specifically, you will have to complete several puzzles, mazes, and parkour in order to find

Halloween Carnival Scavenger Hunt Map one.17.1 for Minecraft

Halloween Carnival Scavenger Hunt Map 1.17.one is a finding map designed by DoctorChosen. What else can you do at a carnival besides enjoying the festive games? A scavenger hunt is not a poor notion. To be additional precise, in this seasonally-themed scavenger map, you will have to discover 50 Chocolate Bars hidden throughout the carnival.

Finds the Button fifteen Concentrations Map 1.twelve.2/1.twelve for Minecraft

Finds the Button 15 Amounts Map 1.12.2/one.12 for Minecraft is a locating map established by CRAFTGAMER31. Just as its title, there are 15 levels, five of them are entirely new fall concentrations evaluate to the prior map variation. The target is very straightforward, entire all 15 stages and access the conclusion of the map to

Concealed Lever! 2 Map 1.fifteen.two for Minecraft

Hidden Lever! 2 is a puzzle/locating map developed by Brian Myers. Concealed Lever! was a series manufactured back again in one.8, a incredibly lengthy time back. In essence, rather of finding buttons, you have to obtain levers. This is additional heading to be an journey-ish sort locating recreation. Download the map from the link down