Simple AIOTs Mod (1.19.1, 1.eighteen.2) – The Final Rudimentary Tool

Simple AIOTs Mod (, one.18.2) introduces a new piece of software that can exceed any anticipations that were being established for it to begin with. Crafted from the most typical and rudimentary products of the recreation, encouraged by terrific simple instruments of the video game this sort of as the Axe, Pickaxe, and shovel, AIOIs

Epic Knights: Shields, Armor and Weapons Mod (, 1.18.two) – Medieval Devices

Epic Knights: Shields, Armor, and Weapons Mod (one.19.1, 1.18.2) introduces a plethora of unique and very well-made medieval armor parts collectively with fatal weapons from the period to incentivize players to embrace the knighthood when once more. What can honestly be better than sporting shiny armor, driving a horse, and going into battle with all

MCDoom Mod (one.19.1, 1.eighteen.two) – The Invasion of Doom

MCDoom Mod (one.19.1, 1.18.two) brings upon the environment-ending occasion as the Doom legion has commenced invading Minecraft. Immediately after the comprehensive eradication on Earth, albeit staying defeated by the Doom guy, the legion has discovered a new portal to the realm of Minecraft and they are not below to establish dirt house and mine. As

Better MC Modpack (one.19, 1.18.two) – The Ultimate ModPack

Greater MC Modpack (one.19, one.18.two) locations important emphasis on producing Minecraft superior by tweaking both of those significant and slight functions inside the recreation. Being the ultimate blend of a myriad of great Mods, utilizing Improved MC will make it possible for gamers to not only take a look at an totally new earth filled

Mega Meteors Mod (one.eighteen.2, one.16.5) – Disaster with Meteorite Elements

Mega Meteors Mod (1.18.two, 1.16.5) introduces new alienated supplies into the sport not as a result of orthodox indicates but alternatively in the form of a catastrophe to the earth of Minecraft. Dwelling on the floor of the overworld will no extended be risk-free as there are nine kinds of meteors raining from the sky.

Bedrock Miner Mod (1.19. one.eighteen.2) – Ultimate Resources

Bedrock Miner Mod (one.19. 1.18.2) introduces a set of equipment that would be a lot more rigid and strong than even the Netherite established. To place it simply just, these applications are so effective that even bedrocks can be effortlessly broken at the time they are repeatedly hit with this greatest resource. On top of

Crazy Craft 4 Modpack ( – Chaos and Monsters

Mad Craft 4 Modpack ( is the lengthy-anticipated sequel of CrazyCraft three. and also the mix of some of the craziest creature Mods inside of the variation. If you are drained of the frequent Mod enjoying way too risk-free and bringing nothing but yet another dull journey with a joyful ending storyline then CrazyCraft