Clynntanis Map (, one.eighteen.2) – A Noble Quest for a Brave Hero

Clynntanis Map (, one.18.two) is an experience map developed by PeteAleha. Clynntanis is an alchemic roguelike map encouraged by Noita activity. This map destinations players in a valley in which they must traverse downward and arrive at The Core to halt its more corruption of the land. You will participate in as an historic Lunarknight

Liminal Faculty Map (, one.eighteen.two) – A Spooky Journey

Liminal University Map (one.19.1, one.18.2) is an experience map designed by MR/PA. If you are into spooky adventures, make your way to Liminal college. In this map, you will get to examine an deserted elementary school total of vacant school rooms and useless reminiscences. These scattered recollections will assist you to discover all the secrets

Replicus’ Redemption Map (1.eighteen.two) – Welcome To the Afterlife

Replicus’ Redemption Map (1.18.2) is an journey map developed by ilyYerin. Welcome to your afterlife! Or should it be your redemption journey in the afterlife? In this map, satisfy Replicus – a soul supervisor who will tutorial you via various mazes to complete as a kind of redemption for your errors in your past daily

The Dream Recorder Map (one.eighteen.1) – Help save Teddy from His Desires!

The Dream Recorder Map ( is an journey map designed by TeddyPlayer1. Although striving out his new creation, The Aspiration Recorder, Teddy unintentionally trapped himself and split his head into pieces across his dreams! Fortunately, he has remaining you messages in the type of Dream Recordings. Your mission in this map is to escape from

Confectionary Carnival Map 1.18.1 for Minecraft

Confectionary Carnival Map is an journey map created by DoctorChosen. Be very careful! Confectionary Carnival has been overrun by mobs and monsters. Confectionary Carnival is a single/multiplayer Candyland amusement-themed park exactly where players will accumulate several items and keys in purchase to unlock other sections of the map although also fighting towards monsters that

The Tourist: Remastered Map 1.18.1 for Minecraft

The Vacationer: Remastered Map one.18.1 is an adventure map designed by Stratocrafteur and remastered by KazerLight. The Tourist is an outdated experience map produced in 2012 that holds a distinctive area in numerous players’ hearts for its breathtaking visual and terrific story. This time the map is back again in the newest Minecraft edition and

Among TREES and Dangers Map 1.16.5 for Minecraft

Amongst TREES and Potential risks Map 1.16.5 is an journey map made by R0NIM3 and Tivik. Seem out! The risk is coming from the eco-friendly trees. In this experience map, a hanging phenomenon suddenly usually takes position as nature is reclaiming additional and additional of its real belongings. Very little can be performed to prevent