Each Chunk Is A New Biome Data Pack one.18 (Checkerboard Dimension)

Just about every Chunk Is A New Biome Knowledge Pack one.18 introduces a new chaotic dimension into the video game. Generally, Minecraft has independent dimensions that each has its uniqueness. This knowledge pack takes all three vanilla proportions and their biomes into just one chaotic dimension. In this new dimension, any chunk can be any

Minecraft But You Can Sit In Stairs And Slabs Info Pack 1.18/one.17.1 (Sit On Slabs And Stairs)

Minecraft But You Can Sit In Stairs And Slabs Details Pack one.18/1.17.one will allow you to sit in any slab or stair block as if they are a chair. Commonly, you can only sit on a minecart, a boat, or an animal. This info pack permits you to sit on stairs and slabs as properly.

Sleeping Baggage Data Pack one.eighteen/1.17.1 (Skip the Evening)

Sleeping Luggage Knowledge Pack 1.18/1.17.1 introduces a new merchandise into the recreation. Usually, when you use a mattress to sleep, you will established a new spawn level. This suggests that skipping the evening is unachievable if you want to preserve your spawn level at dwelling. To beat this, this details pack adds a sleeping bag.