DSWG Weapons Source Pack (1.18.2, 1.seventeen.one) – Including Weapons and Ammo

DSWG Weapons Useful resource Pack (1.18.2, 1.17.one) does a uncomplicated detail which is adding a lot of weapons and ammo. You just want to rename a bow or crossbow and then switch them into 9 unique weapons. You can also make the likes of Rocket Launchers, Snipers, Pistols as nicely as Rifles. What’s more, arrows

Particular Mobs Details Pack (1.18.two, one.seventeen.1) – Tons of New Creatures

Unique Mobs Info Pack (one.18.two, one.17.1) adds a plethora of new creatures to Minecraft. These new mobs can obviously spawn in your world just like a typical creature. Nevertheless, they have customized textures as properly as a name tag previously mentioned their head to let you know that they mean major company. Specific mobs are

A lot more Weapons Details Pack (1.18.two, one.17.one) – Dagger, Fireplace Sword, and additional

Extra Weapons Details Pack (one.18.2, 1.17.1) introduces a number of new weapons into Minecraft. This knowledge pack aims to make your arsenal a lot more dynamic by introducing new and vanilla-welcoming weapons. You can now select concerning various weapons such as the Dagger which offers a lot less problems but has increased pace, or the

Huge Burj Khalifa Map (1.18.2) – The Tallest Tower in the Planet

Enormous Burj Khalifa Map (1.18.2) is a generation map intended by NOTKVNCHN and MASTERLAYS. This outstanding map provides players with the recreation of the Burj Khalifa Constructing. As numerous of you may perhaps have recognized, Burj Khalifa is the tallest tower in the globe and it’s one particular of the major points of interest to

Overall body Parkour 2 Map (one.eighteen.2) – Parkour With Your Favourite Figures!

Overall body Parkour 2 Map (1.18.2) is a  parkour map developed by BilalExe. System Parkour is again with even additional intriguing parkour classes! This next map functions the physique of Iron Gentleman and Spiderman, two preferred people from the Marvel franchise. These figures basically include the parkour classes within them, by next these parkour paths,

Chubby Stuff! Mod (1.eighteen.2) – Lovely Companions

Chubby Things! Mod (1.18.2) introduces cute infant companions for gamers to elevate and retain worthwhile friends. Now, the Penguin is regarded as the best companion as not only are they lovable, but they can also interact with their surroundings, for instance, the penguin could simply climb into just one of the chests and just wiggle

Kobolds Community Mod (1.18.2, one.sixteen.5) – Kobolds All over the place

Kobolds Local community Mod (one.18.two, 1.16.5) adds Kobolds Villagers, and their underground bases. You can Trade with them utilizing Emeralds, each a person will have distinct trades, and each one will have 3 options to pick from. They can spawn only in their bases, the bases spawn underground but they often have a way in

Goblins Group Mod (one.eighteen.two, 1.sixteen.five) – Goblin In all places

Goblins Group Mod (one.18.2, 1.16.5) adds Goblins Villagers, that can spawn in Villages, you can trade with them by clicking on them with Iron Ingot in your inventory. It also provides some Goblins that are spawning outside the Village, like Wild Goblin that is scary to other Goblins. Other Goblins will concern two sorts of

Connected Glass Addon (one.18) – Interesting Seeking Glass

Related Glass Addon (one.18) provides fully-automated-linked-glass to Minecraft Bedrock Edition. It does not substitute vanilla original glass. Features: You really don’t have to confuse about /give @p command, or other commands, due to the fact this addon adds thoroughly automated glass. When you location the glass side by aspect, they will be linked routinely (Just